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Just buy Irish is a weekend side-project, created to highlight some of the superb Irish producers around the country. It’s a difficult time for many small businesses and we wanted to create a directory of independent Irish producers you can order from online.

Buying local has a significant impact on our neighbourhood economy. Every €1 spent locally on Irish products generates more than €4 of benefits in terms of employment in our local communities. It helps put money back into our areas.

Plus, supporting local producers reduces our carbon footprint. Buying from businesses within Ireland reduces air miles on imported goods and promotes sustainability.

Simon Tomkins

Simon Tomkins

From Galway, I’m one half of CommerceGurus and Create and Code. I design and build themes for WordPress and WooCommerce, including Shoptimizer.

I’ve worked on some of biggest websites in Ireland and continue to consult on projects both at home and abroad.

In my spare time I like discovering new places to eat in Dublin (especially Korean) and pondering if JC will ever win another all-Ireland.

Darya Solomenko

Darya Solomenko

I’m a Ukrainian native who came to Ireland 9 years ago. Since then Dublin has become my home. By day I am a freelance designer and illustrator.

I developed deep love and admiration for Irish people, their character and culture. I am a travel and food aficionado.

I try to be conscious about my ecological footprint. Part of this is buying fewer products of better quality and supporting local producers and artisans.